Do Seniors Still Need to Get a Flu Shot?

Do Seniors Still Need to Get a Flu Shot?
A lot of seniors are skeptical about the need to get yearly flu vaccinations from their primary care provider in Maryland. They think that it won’t help them, or they that it will even give them the flu. But the truth is that seniors need to get a flu shot now more than ever.

Remember, we’re still facing the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting immunizations will reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses and minimize the chances of getting sick and infecting others. For seniors who have a weak immune system, the flu shot is specifically designed to help them stay protected against the virus. So even if they do get the flu, their chances of getting dangerous complications are significantly reduced.

Since we’re still in the middle of the pandemic, it’s essential to get your flu vaccination before the end of October. After all, it takes about two weeks before the antibodies develop in the body. The earlier you get your immunizations from a trusted family clinic in Lanham, Maryland, the earlier you can protect yourself from the flu.

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