How to Care for the Foot of a Person with Diabetes

How to Care for the Foot of a Person with Diabetes

Having too much sugar in your bloodstream for a long time can result in diabetes and along with it, other complications like foot problems. Diabetes can damage the nerves and restrict blood flow to the feet. That’s why it is important you take extra care of your foot as small cuts or sores don’t heal as well and take a longer time to recover.

Poor foot care may lead to leg amputation if your primary care provider in Maryland sees that your leg problem has worsened and antibiotics cannot anymore treat the infection that has already seeped through the bones. But amputation can be prevented by following these foot care guidelines:

  • Inspect feet daily for any small cuts, blisters, calluses, corns, bunions, and other common foot problems. Have a caregiver with proper medication training apply appropriate treatment as needed.
  • Bathe feet in lukewarm water and be gentle when bathing them.
  • Moisturize your feet, but not in between your toes to keep dry skin from itching and cracking.
  • Wear dry, clean, socks and change them daily. If possible, use socks that are specifically made for people with diabetes.
  • Manage your diabetes. Keep your blood sugar level in control by living a healthy lifestyle and have a medical professional see your feet on a regular basis.

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