How to Care for Wounds and Prevent Infections

How to Care for Wounds and Prevent Infections

Wound care is an essential task for those who are suffering from chronic or non-healing wounds. Otherwise, you’ll suffer from infections. You will even need to go back and forth to your doctor’s family clinic in Lanham, Maryland just to get better.

So, for proper wound and infection prevention, here are some of the best tips to take advantage of:

  • Clean dressing.
    When dealing with wounds, it’s important that you do so with clean hands. Wash your hands properly and make sure to wear protective gloves.
  • Sleep and nutrition.
    Your primary care provider in Maryland will recommend that you get enough sleep and nutrition daily. After all, the body has to be in good shape so that it can heal faster.
  • Take your medicine as prescribed.
    Your doctor recommends you to take your medicine at a certain time and a certain dose for a reason. If you need assistance with handling your medicine, don’t hesitate to seek help from a nurse with medication training.

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